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April 2018

April is ready to hop to it. Easter and Passover are “egg-cellent” ways to get the month started and, after all of that celebrating, it’s time to say hello to spring!

Easter is here! Think about adding an Easter basket hunt, filling eggs with confetti or glitter, or watching a movie you haven’t seen before.  Our April issues have some great suggestions to add to your favorite holiday traditions. Wouldn’t it be fun to change things up and add some new twists this year? Your kids will love it!

Everyone knows that Earth Day is all about being environmentally savvy and eco-friendly. Those concepts are very important. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. Get your children’s to wrap their minds around the fact that they’re one of seven billion people that share this planet. By understanding their place in the vastness of the universe, your kids will be motivated to save the planet!

When April showers arrive, we have some ideas on how to keep children entertained. They can “learn by doing” with some project-based learning, like cooking, or find fun with meaning by volunteering for some service learning. While you’re in the house on those dreary days, Easton Public Library shares some kid-approved, read aloud books that are filled with funny noises, voices and songs to sing. Also, science, technology, engineering, art and math are hot subjects for kids, and even more important for girls to embrace. Check out ways to get girls steamed about STEAM.

Fertility problems are very upsetting and frustrating for couples. Sometimes conception just seems inconceivable. When that happens, there might be some lifestyle changes that can be made for both partners to increase the chances to conceive.

And On That Note, one mom is sharing her list of skills that all kids should know by the time they turn 10. Don’t forget, now’s the time to finalize those camp plans for the summer — it’ll be here before you know it. Check out our extensive Camp and Summer Programs Directory for the best options available for the upcoming summer.

You’ll flip for the Family Fun Calendar this month; it’s filled with adventure: rain or shine. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Earth Day and Happy April!


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