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February 2018

February — we have a lot packed into this short month! It makes you almost forget that you’re in the middle of winters. The month starts off on an (hopefully) optimistic note — will that four-legged weather forecaster see his shadow? Whether you love the groundhog’s prediction or not, you will fall in love with love on Valentine’s Day. And, of course, a kids’ favorite time, February Break, is this month. Add in Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics and you can see why February is a month of celebrations. We know how to party with ways to make you smile, and dynamic destinations to make school vacation week fun for the whole family.

Instead of flowers and sweets for your sweet, how about kicking Valentine’s Day up a notch with some new traditions? Get crafty with your kids with some heart-felt projects and games to make together. Mix in some yummy cookies and make the day extra special. You know what to do on February 14, but why? We share some fun facts about this lovely day.

With the wind, rain and snow, you’ve been in the house long enough! Take advantage of the school vacation and visit some of our marvelous museums in and around Connecticut. From soaring into the clouds, to vacation camps, puppet shows and planetariums, you can discover something new every day.

February is Dental Health Month. Getting your kids to brush can be a struggle, so check out some ways you can make it fun. Brushing once a day isn’t enough to reduce tooth decay. Morning and evening brushing is the way to go. Make your smile brighter and show off those pearly whites.

You’ve come a long way, but not quite far enough! Freedom for women has been a hard fought (and ongoing) battle. Take a look back through history at some of the most dedicated and resilient women who wouldn’t let anything (or anyone) stand in the way of equality and liberation.

Now is the time to start your search for the perfect summer program for your child. What should you look for? What questions should you ask? How do you get started? All asked and answered. If you have a teen, there is no better way for her to make money and still participate in the camp experience than to become a counselor. The  Summer Program and Camp Directory is filled with outstanding options for a summer to remember.

We have much to share this month. One of the worst flu season in decades, how do you know if you have the flu or just a cold? Learn how to prevent it and treat it (if the flu bug does bite). Whether you’re stuck inside or not, the Orange’s Case Library shares some great books for budding chefs — and anyone else who likes food! Our February calendar is filled with fun. Maybe the month should just be renamed “Fun-uary!” From day one to day 28! One mom has some sloppy ideas for kids who like to get down and dirty, with easy cleanup for you — win-win! When you are ready to head outdoors, have some fun and make a mess.

February is sure to be great. Go Pats!  


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