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June 2016

June is an exciting month filled with endings and beginnings. The end of spring, beginning of summer; the end of school, the beginning of vacation; the end of homework, the beginning of camp — you get the idea! In between, it’s time to celebrate both dads and grads. Connecticut Parent Magazine is here to help you say hello to all the fun that’s starting this month.

The best way to welcome summer is with our annual Great Things To Do section! Whether you’re looking for day trips, staycation ideas or even a place to spend some overnight time, this issue has it all. There are shows, adventure parks, museums and inflatable fun. Visit an historic village, or two, pick-your-own fruits — there’s plenty to keep you busy all summer long.
Speaking of summer adventures — how about a trek through the great outdoors? Learn about the essentials you’ll need in order to pack plenty of fun into your outing. While we are on the subject of important things to know this summer, water safety for your kids should be high on your list. Experts dive in with information on how to choose the best swim program to keep your child afloat!

Hey dads — this is your month to shine! Read about one mom’s reflection on how her husband’s laid-back approach to summer parenting differs from her multi-tasking style. A win for dads everywhere! And if dads (and moms) are getting ready for the big “Drop Off Day” at camp, learn why it may be harder on you than your kids — don’t worry everyone will be fine.

Still need more activity ideas? The Family Fun Calendar has it all mapped out for you to enjoy. So, everyone into the pool for the best summer ever!


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