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January 2019

Oh, baby! Welcome to 2019! What a year this is going to be. Each year starts out with such potential and promise. It’s a time for fresh beginnings and accomplishing all the things that you let slide during 2018. Get fit, lose those leftover holiday pounds, join a gym — check, check and check! Anything and everything is possible. January is also a time to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and pay his message of hope, dreams and equality forward. Connecticut Parent Magazine is starting off on a high note this month. When you talk about new beginnings, the most significant is bringing a new life into the world. The January issue features our annual birthing section with the updated maternity guide to serve as a reference.  

New Year, new baby, new joy, new plans! Where to begin? Sit down and relax, we have you covered. If you are sore and your precious bundle of joy is sitting right on a nerve, discover the benefits of prenatal massage therapy to keep you moving straight through your third trimester. Do you know someone who is having a baby? Whether it’s her first or her fourth, you can be her BFF when you learn about all the ways you can help. And, if you are the one in charge of the baby shower, it’s game on with lots of ideas to make this one party that will keep everyone laughing.

This month’s issue has solid education features. We showcase Catholic schools and Catholic School week, January 27 through February 2. This is a great opportunity to learn about parochial education. Not only do they educate your children academically, they also nurture them spiritually and emotionally. If you have a reluctant reader in the house, or a child with a vivid imagination, then storytelling is great to get everyone involved. This is a fun way to turn kids into better readers and tap into their creativity. And another way to expand your child’s literacy skills is by checking out the books focusing on Native American authors from the Russell Library in Middletown.

As always, January is jumping with joy with terrific activities to keep the whole family active and involved. One of the most popular resolutions is not only getting in shape, but maintaining your regimen throughout the year. If you model healthy behavior, and make fitness fun, your kids will look at exercise as a positive experience — especially if the family does it together. This time of year is great for getting out and enjoying winter sports. Grab the kids and ski, sled, hike or have a snowball fight to get rid of the cold weather blahs and stay healthy.

The January issue serves as the kick off to camps and summer programs for organized parents who plan ahead. Check out the strong camp section; here a former camper-turned-counselor shares his reasons why this experience is so worthwhile.

Happy New Year!! And may your month be filled with love and family fun.


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