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February 2015

Whether spring is right around the corner, or we still have six more weeks of winter to slog through (it’s all up to that decisive groundhog!), there’s a lot going on during the month of February! There’s Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and don’t forget it’s also Black History month. But, without a doubt, the kids’ favorite part of February is school vacation! Connecticut Parent Magazine has all of this covered — and more!

February vacation will be here before you know it. If the thought of having the kids in the house for seven days straight brings cabin fever to a new level, don’t worry! The Winter Break Survival Guide will keep you hopping during the entire month!

Love is in the air, so check out some crafts and fun activities to get your kids involved on this special day. However, one mom has put in a complaint to Cupid — read about her slant on this holiday! Valentine’s Day is also a good time to re-evaluate your relationship with your spouse. If you find yourself in a day-to-day rut, discover ways to put some affection back into your marriage.

Did you know that February is also Dental Health Month? Don’t miss the annual Family Dental Showcase. Learn how to teach kids the basics of brushing and also say goodbye to nighttime teeth grinding. And, in honor of Black History Month, the Westport Library has compiled a selection of poetry books in a wide variety of styles and themes that the entire family will enjoy together.

February might be the shortest month, but it is the biggest when it comes to fun! Check out even more events in the Family Fun Calendar and then head out for some great adventures that will make everyone happy!


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