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December 2014

What a fun, chaotic, exciting time of year this is! It seems like the holidays are coming sooner, and each year the rush to get everything done gets a little crazier! But, when you finally sit back and relax, you realize it was all worth while. December’s issue of Connecticut Parent Magazine is going to make your life less stressful this year. The pages are filled with gift ideas, places to go, things to do and so much more. The holidays will be a snap! Now, if only those cookies could bake themselves!

If buying the perfect present for your kids gets harder every year, Dr. Toy has the answer. In the Holiday Gift Guide, you’ll find just the right gift for all of the youngsters on your list. From newborns to teens, all interests and price points, your shopping just got a whole lot easier! After the presents are unwrapped, you can keep a smile on everyone’s face by playing it safe! Make sure toys are age appropriate and take all safety precautions into consideration during your holiday planning. With every gift your child receives, comes a lot of thought and love. What better way to acknowledge this than with a homemade thank you note? As long as the little ones can hold a paintbrush, they can make beautiful keepsake cards that the recipient will cherish.    

With gas prices dropping, this is a great time to hit the road. Don’t miss the Winter Family Fun Guide that will point you in the right direction for some terrific places to visit. There are shows, special exhibits, lights, trolleys, trains, music and more happening throughout Connecticut and beyond.  Return to some favorites, or discover some new family traditions.

And, the holiday family photo. Does just the thought of getting everyone smiling and looking in the same direction make you want to run and hide? Don’t worry! Some professional photographers are on hand to give you some great tips to capture everyone at their best! But, what happens when illness becomes an uninvited guest at your holiday celebration? Being sick around the holidays can make all your celebrations come to a screeching halt! However, making some adjustments and creating a Plan B may be just what the doctor ordered! Whether your child is under the weather or ready to just cuddle up on a cold winter night, the Bristol Public Library has some great reads — all with a dash of magic and fantasy!

December is the season of giving — but the best gift of all is the gift of time spent together as a family. Don’t miss the Family Fun Calendar for some great ideas of places to go and things to do, so that you can create wonderful memories together. Talking about giving, State Treasurer Denise Nappier offers encouragement to families facing the daunting task of saving for college.

From our family to yours — have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Make it one to remember!


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