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December 2017

Magic is in the air! You don’t even have to look at a calendar to know it’s December. Lights are dazzling, there’s a hint of snow in the air, hats, scarves and gloves are coming down from the closet and there’s a festive feeling all around. While the cookies are baking, in between list making, sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and check out this month’s issue. There’s lot of ideas to make everything just a little bit easier for you — and that’s the best gift of all!

The highlight of this issue is the annual Holiday Gift Guide. While kids have their own agenda for the perfect present, you want to get the items your children will enjoy all throughout the year. With help from the Toy Insider, we share some terrific suggestions to make even the fussiest in your family say “this is the best holiday ever!” While we’re on the subject, one mom explores both sides of this question: do you keep the Santa tradition going or switch to a non-Santa approach to the season?

It’s very easy to hunker down and hibernate during these cold, dark days — but don’t! Check out all the ways to banish boredom and have a blast, both in and outside, during the chilliest days of winter. Try something a little different this year and throw a cooking-themed shindig. Kids can gather in the kitchen and prepare their own feast — a win-win for you and them!

With half of the school year over, you’ve had a chance to go to teacher conferences and get feedback on your student. If you and your child’s teacher feel that extra help is needed, a tutor can be the way to go. Learn how to find the right tutor, and ways to work it into your budget. And there are free options are out there, if you know where to look.

Each holiday, you hear about fires starting from faulty fireplaces or candles left unattended. Learn how you and your family can safely enjoy the warmth of the hearth all season long. Another safety concern that’s really “hot” about now is cyber security. With all of the new devices your kids will be getting for the holidays, this is a good time to talk to them about how to keep personal information private and secure.

The Ferguson Library in Stamford has gathered some top picks that have been named to the Best Books of the Year lists. Books are a wonderful gift for a child. We have some great books to choose from so your family can cuddle up and read in front of the fire.

There is so much to do during December, check out the Family Fun Calendar for a month’s worth of fun! The Connecticut Parent Magazine family wants to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!


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