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Graphic Novels from Novice to Know-It-All
by Emily DiPaulo and Claire Strillacci

In today’s increasingly visual marketplace, graphic novels are a fantastic bridge between the world of electronics and the world of books. Use these titles as a first step toward traditional literature, or enjoy them for their own sake — with vibrant pictures and engaging stories, they’ll shine brighter than any screen.


Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (A Narwhal and Jelly Book)
by Ben Clanton
Finding himself in strange waters, a narwhal befriends a puzzled little jellyfish. Together with friends Octopus, Blowfish and Shark, Narwhal and Jelly form a pod. In this first adventure with Narwhal and company, you won’t just laugh at the quirky jokes — you’ll learn a ton about life under the sea! Simple and bright illustrations joined with a gentle story about friendship give this graphic novel special appeal for early readers.


The Great Pet Escape (Pets on the Loose!)
by Victoria Jamieson
When a trio of class pets scheme to break free of their elementary classroom “prison cells,” they are not prepared for the nighttime of adventures that follow. Colorfully detailed art combines with snarky humor, daring escapades and an epic food battle to entertain the whole family.


Human Body Theater
by Maris Wicks
Human Body Theater presents the body like it’s a play on opening night! Hosted by Bones the friendly skeleton, organs and germs are introduced as principal players in the body’s performance from birth to curtain call. The no-nonsense narration keeps sensitive topics from feeling too personal, and the slapstick antics of our anthropomorphic insides are sure to tickle any funny bone! While the visuals are entertaining for all, Theater’s advanced vocabulary makes middle graders its primary audience.


Diesel: Ignition
by Tyson Hesse
When flighty junior-engineer Dee Diesel turns 18 she is going to inherit her father’s spaceship. It’s been her dream ever since he disappeared when Dee was small. But on the eve of her birthday, that dream — and Dee’s spaceship — is destroyed when Dee steals a mysterious machine from the Teppans, a warrior race of birdmen intent on ruining all civilization above the clouds. Armed with a newfound sense of responsibility and her powerful last name, Dee sets out to stop the oncoming war, but is haunted by her father’s actions in the last Teppan conflict. Eventually Dee must ask herself: was her father’s legacy one of peace? What will her own legacy be? Action-packed and richly colored, Diesel is the start of one girl’s epic search for herself among the stars. Give to intermediate readers who love action.


Monster on the Hill
by Rob Harrell
Rayburn the monster sits on the hill above his town, moping and sighing instead of giving the townspeople a good scare. Since tourists love to be terrified, the townspeople send Dr. Wilkie, a somewhat mad scientist, and the town crier, Timmy, to help Rayburn cheer up. Pairing crisp, consistently funny dialogue with expressive illustrations, Monster is sure to interest middle readers.


Jonesy Vol. 1
by Sam Humphries
If you had the power to make anyone in the world fall in love with anybody else, what would you do with it? For newly super-powered teen Jonesy, the answer is easy: wage war on Valentine’s Day! Soon everyone at school has the same crush — but it isn’t Jonesy. Now they love mean-girl Susan! Jonesy vows to try again — what’s the worst that could happen? Featuring snarky one-liners, popstar crushes and one crazy cupid, Jonesy is a guaranteed hit for teens and tweens.


Events at the Bristol Public Library

The Bristol Public Library is dedicated to serving children of all ages, circumstances and abilities. To this end, the Children’s Department offers an average of 20 programs a week, including birth-2 sensory activities, a cooking class and a Minecraft Club! There are a variety of story times available for all readers, and plenty of opportunities to wiggle, sing, build, or craft. The department hosts a Spanish Social Hour for Spanish-speaking patrons as well as a story time featuring traditional Polish stories and songs. Movies are screened every weekend, with free popcorn provided.

In addition to story times, the Children’s Department hosts programs and performers. March will see the start of the first Kids’ Gardening Club, a visit from Grammy Award-winning Les Julian, and the Annual Safety Fair. On April 1, the Children’s Department is throwing a Spring Gala, followed by an interactive painting session with a visiting artist on April 5. Visits from local museums, a juggler and a wild animal are also scheduled.

Kids today are always rushing from one activity to the next. With at least one program every day, the Bristol Public Library makes it a great place to visit! Even in-between programs, kids have plenty to explore at the iPad kiosks, LEGO® Station and Chalk Wall.


For more information about Bristol Public Library or specific dates and times of programs, visit the Bristol Public Library at 5 High Street, call the library at 860-584-7787 ext. 2021 or visit

Emily DiPaulo and Claire Strillacci are assistants to Children’s Services.







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