Two Coyotes Summer Camps

Sticks and Stones Farm
201 Huntingtown Road
Newtown, CT 06470

Holcomb Farm
113 Simsbury Road
Granby, CT 06090


Feather, Fur & Fin Camp
At Feather, Fur, and Fin Camp, we catch frogs and crayfish, track deer, and learn how to move through the forest like animals do. Through games and immersive experiences, your child will practice skills like balance and awareness, learn how to make fires, brew wild teas, and play in the stream.

Wild Botanicals Camp
At Wild Botanical Camp, we learn about plant medicine and food by foraging to make healing salves and other simple, wholesome gifts from the land. We also harvest and cook delicious wild meals from the land. Your child will try things like dandelion fritters, garlic mustard stir fry, wild tea, and many other delicious wild dishes.

Woodland Arts Camp
Campers will discover more about themselves by experimenting with nature’s palette of colors, shapes, and textures, and be inspired by her beauty and diversity at Woodland Arts Camp. The earth’s creativity is endless. We’ll explore traditional skills that those that came before us depended on for their survival like basketry, coal-burned spoons, crafting wild herbs into salves, making cordage, and felting. Other creative projects may include drawing, painting, twig weaving, journaling, poetry, sun prints, natural sculpture, pottery, and more. To add a flourish to our creative inspirations, we’ll add in nature games that hone all our senses and maybe even catch a song from the land. Join us and discover your own artistic voice using materials found in nature!

Forts & Shelters Camp
Forts and shelters capture the imagination of kids. It allows them to use their minds to design structures, and their hands and bodies to create them. Campers will design and build forts and shelters using the raw materials that nature provides. Sign your wilderness architect up today!

Fire, Wood & Stone Camp
Fire, wood, stone, bone, clay are all the raw materials of life. In this camp, your child will make handmade tools and projects from natural materials. Activities campers have done in the past include basketry, pottery, spoon making, bone needles, fire making and many other projects.

Coyote Pups Parent & Child Camp
Do you want your children to have the experience of growing up in a village? Join us for our Coyote Pups parent and child program where you and your little one can explore and learn about nature together. Meet families who share your love of nature and enjoy the community and friendships that form. Children in the program range from infant to five years old. Over the course of the day, we sing songs, play games, create art, listen to stories, explore the forest, harvest wild feasts & much more!

Summer Pups get their first taste of summer camp as caregivers accompany them every day for a week (M-F) as we build community and get to know each other. This one week “camp” is followed by weekly meet-ups to continue getting together throughout the summer.

Wildwood Adventurers Camp
From the eyes of a child, the world is filled with magic. Wildwood Adventures is an imaginary journey into the kingdom of Wildwood: a place of castles, fairies, goblins and adventure! Over the course of the week, our young adventurers embark on heroic quests to help their kingdom. One day they might be sent to find the wintergreen flower at the top of thunder mountain to cure the Queen’s headache, or to free a fairy from a mean troll.

Wildwood Adventurers is a companion program to Wildwood Rangers. While the program is similar, it is designed for younger children and does not have a boffer sword fighting component.

Wildwood Apprentices Camp
The Wildwood Apprentices train to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to follow the trails of the creatures of the forest. They will prepare to protect the creatures of the magical kingdom of Wildwood by learning to use body and mind to work together and as individuals to help protect the land. While practicing padded boffer sword drills, obstacle courses and scouting challenges, apprentices build mental and physical awareness so they can move in tandem with the wilderness. Apprentices learn from the older Rangers and may bring skills to the younger Adventurers as they navigate what it means to be a hero.

Wildwood Rangers Camp
Rangers are the eyes and ears of a kingdom. Part guardian and part spy, they protect the realm from harm. Unlike warriors, rangers rely on stealth and cunning to outwit their foes. Rangers become adept at moving through the forest invisibly, tracking wildlife, surviving in the wild, swordsmanship, and creating herbal remedies. During this camp, your child will go on an imaginary journey to save the kingdom of Wildwood from the forces of evil. Along the way, they will encounter mythical creatures and helpers to aid their journey. They will learn how to spar with padded swords, and to fend off the hoards of goblins and others who intend to keep them from completing their mission. Over the course of the adventure, campers will learn about the qualities and actions that make a person a hero.

Sign up for Wildwood Adventurers and Wildwood Apprentice camps for kids aged 5-11!

Advanced Survival Camp
This is an advanced course that teaches the wilderness skills practiced by the indigenous people who once lived on the land that we now teach on. Through hands-on projects and challenges, campers will have the chance to practice a range of skills such as making fire from sticks, pottery, basketry, stone tool construction, making bark and wooden bowls, crafting arrows, building advanced shelters, gathering wild plants, and even going on a bullfrog hunt (participation optional!). These skills will be put to the test during an overnight experience on Thursday, when campers may sleep in a survival shelter they built, gather wild food for a feast, make the camp fire by rubbing sticks together, and eat dinner out of a wooden bowl they made.

Scout Tracker Camp
This advanced course teaches skills practiced by the indigenous people that lived on this continent before it was know as the United States. In many southwestern tribes, the scouts were and still are, protectors who serve as the eyes and ears of the people. They learn from an early age the art of stealth and body control. They are taught to be aware of their surroundings and to track both people and animals. Over the course of this camp, students will learn how to become invisible in the woods, sneak out on exciting missions, and learn how to track wildlife. On Thursday evening, campers get to camp out and practice their scout skills in an epic nighttime adventure.

Forest Stealth Camp
A person who is connected to the Earth can learn to emulate the plants and animals and become nearly invisible in the forest. Though it takes training and practice, making mistakes is the best way to cultivate this craft. In this camp, your child will train with focus, positive intention, and mindfulness. Campers will build and run wilderness obstacle courses, learn how to move silently through the forest, practice drills to improve balance, awareness and intentional movement, and, for children 8 and older, begin learning to spar with padded weapons. The camp will culminate with a Forest Stealth mission where they will put their skills to the test.



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