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The Whale Camp at the Fundy Marine Science Institute is dedicated to providing experiential marine biology programs. Their goal is to use hands-on, discovery-oriented marine science activities to increase awareness and understanding of these local living systems and the global system of the oceans and planet.

Located on stunningly beautiful Grand Manan Island, ideally situated for marine biology and marine science between Maine and Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy, where the highest tides in the world create one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine biology ecosystems. No other marine biology summer camp or marine science camp offers as many direct face-to-face encounters to closely observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and puffins in their own natural habitat.

Board the research vessel for unmatched examinations of marine life. Help collect data to document whale distribution, feeding and behavioral patterns. Gain hands-on experience using onboard marine biology equipment. Unveil the powerful and endangered processes of life in the sea. Explore beaches, coastal trails and fishing villages. Investigate life in the tidal pools and bogs.

You go out to sea at least two days each week to directly encounter the whales and other marine life for the best marine science experience. This is why the Whale Camp is the place where inspiration, exploration and discovery abound.

Sign up for one, two and/or three weeks from June 23 through July 20.





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